Zero Touch New "Petit" Brand New Silicone Female Bodysuit with Padded Girdle C Cup

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Color: Dark
Entry: Back entry
Punched Pubic Hair|Version |Breasts Filling: No pubic hair|Seamless version|Silicone

Open anus is optional. Please leave us a note in the order if you wish to have it.

“Petit” is the “petite” version of the Zero Touch Silicone Bodysuit, with legs to the kneecap and arms to the armpits.

It has a brand new formula of the material that allows it to be extremely soft and clean on the surface. No oil oozing guaranteed!

The hips are padded and the vagina is fully functional. Collarbones are redesigned so as to be more realistic and visible in any circumstances.

It comes in one size and multiple cups and entries. It fits up to 200cm and 100kg.