Value Pack for Zentai Suits(With Zentai Orders Necessary)

Precio de oferta$25.00 USD

Value Packs(Add one at a time to the cart): Crotch entry(instead of back entry)

Kindly note that this product(link) is for additional custom requirements for your ordered zentai suits.

  • When one option is selected, other options remain unselectable. Add one option a time to cart, until all options are added to cart.

e.g. you want a shaping zentai suit with male crotch zipper and face opening.

All you need to do is respectively add male crotch zipper and face opening to your shopping cart, and check out together(2 value packs).

Provide your measurements according to this link after the order is placed:

Body Measurements Form |


You can’t buy a single Value Pack without ordering a zentai suit first.