The Ultimate Female Girdle Simulator - The Kim3 by MoliFX

The Ultimate Female Girdle Simulator - The Kim3 by MoliFX

No other SFX studio will do it like we do: we've spent years working on the ideal silicone butt pant for dragqueens and crossdressers.

We started out with The Kim back in 2020. It emphasizes the bubble butt shape without losing the ease of wearing. It became the one that every crossdresser would like to own for themselves right on the debut. The Kim2 made a few changes to the curve and length, in order to make it a all rounder.

Now, we've taken it to the next level. 


We changed the way The Kim should take on when being worn - it simulates a well built woman's body. The thighs have been enhanced stronger than ever. It now weighs 17kg - it represents how hard we work on the appearance and dedication to being perfect in shape.

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