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Moli's Studio is officially affiliated to China registered company "Ziyan Biological Technology(Shanghai) Ltd,co(上海滋颜生物科技有限公司).", located in Pudong, Shanghai.

We design, manufacture and have full copyrights of MoliFX/ NEOGAN/Moli's Zentai product lines. Moli's/Moli's Zentai/NEOGAN/INTHEMASK are registered trademarks and protected by China laws. We have been dedicated to the production of fetish & crossdressing related products since 2009. We have never officially granted a dealer, until now.

Up to August, 2023, We have dealership partners in Canada, Japan and Taiwan, where local customers can go to the physical fetish stores to shop, or visit their local websites and get Moli's products instantly.

Become a dealer and partner with us, and you will be able to profit from the most creative original products made by us, and the high growth rate of the market. Being a dealer, you will save your time worrying about productions, employee payrolls or development & research of new products, so you can focus on your reach and promotions. We provide multiple partnership options so you can manage your dealership business more flexibly. Also, we are responsible for all the preparation work and coaching before your dealership officially kicks off.


Why Moli's?


SFX Class Female Masks Made by Experts

MoliFX Studio affliated to Moli's Studio has been dedicated to Special Effects Masks since 2020. We are the first and only SFX female mask maker in China. Check out our YouTube channel "Inthemask by Moli's" and learn more about our marvellous works.


Own Workshop Producing Zentais for over 15 years

We are one of the earliest custom Zentai makers on the market in the world since 2004. We acquire top fabrics and newest textile info faster than any competitors as we are located in the center of largest fabric markets. Faster turnover time enables us to make custom pieces time efficient.


Full Silicone Product Lines of Zero Touch

From Breastplate, to silicone girdle, and the most welcomed Zero Touch silicone bodysuit, we manufacture all crossdressing silicone shapewears that does transformation perfectly. Our exclusive silicone materials pass SGS tests with significant oil-free techniques.


Guaranteed Quality & After-sale Services

We take care of every order made.

We provide product guarantee for all products respectively. MoliFX series products come with a beautifully made manual with our after-sale policy listed.


Dealer Standards

Anyone above legal age in his country is eligible for application. It will make you a better candidate if you:

  • are already a customer(with successful purchase record).
  • are a freelancer and are able to spend full time on this business.
  • are part of the fetish/crossdressing/masking communities and are active as a member.
  • have been a dealer of similar kind before.

The table below indicates how many dealerships we are now officially open to in specific regions/countries. Last updated in March 2023. Please hit the button below if you are interested in being a dealer of Moli's, and tell us more about you. Also you are welcomed to let us know any questions regarding our dealership.

Coutries/Region Open Dealership
North America 2
Hongkong/Taiwan 1
Japan 0
South Korea 1
Europe 2

Inthemask by Moli's

Our Official Dealers

Last updated: MAY 5, 2024

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North America

玩具問屋 上野屋


Japan, 〒110-0005 Tokyo, Taito City, Ueno, 6 Chome−3−9 上野屋



Japan, 〒170-0013 Tokyo, Toshima City, Higashiikebukuro, 4 Chome−3−3 東池袋ビル 9F