We have officially moved home!

We have officially moved home!

Since 2019, Inthemask.com has been a WooCommerce site based upon WP system. Everything has been nice, except that it has some display issues from time to time, that it crashes during Black Friday, and that customers sometimes see unsecure connection icon at the address bar.

We've been so dedicated to sorting out every crisis. And now, we are officially introducing this new site. It's faster, nicer and easier to use. The newsletter subscription as well as the user database have been secured and kept. You don't have to sign up once again:)

Please let us know any issues you find uncomfortable via email:molis@inthemask.com

Also, for those who still love the previous design, the new domain name for it is www.inthemask.cn

Have fun choosing your new outfits here!


The Ultimate Female Girdle Simulator - The Kim3 by MoliFX

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